Logo for app with unique technology
The main technology of the American company
Mathpix - neural network for text recognition. It works amazingly on different variations of complexity and types of text: handwritten and printed formulas. Neural network copes with everything.

Our joint task was to develop a logo for the updated product of the company - Snip. His main task is to translate handwritten notes and formulas into digital form, including in LaTeX. This is the format of the layout of formulas in any document. Snip has unprecedented benefits for its STEM audience (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The product plans included transformation into a full-fledged environment for working with any documents.
In search of the perfect option
There were more requirements for the logo than usual. It should be well recognized as a mobile application icon, a favicon of the site, an icon in the MacOS and Windows bars, a logo on the site and social networks and looked good on basic printing and company merchandise for company employees and users.

The final version of the logo, as is often the case, was in the first presentation. But with the client we had one thing in common - perseverance in finding the ideal option. Therefore, we tried after that more than 40 draft variants, about 20 of them concerned the supercube, which eventually became the logo for Snip. What we are extremely proud of after such a volume of work and immersion in the project.
Kaitlin Cunningham, Admin for MathPix
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrei on this project. He went above and beyond for us on this logo design project and I really felt his passion come through. He has great taste and did a really good job at taking our suggestions and ideas and turning them into a beautiful logo. Thank you Andrei!
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