naming, logo, identity
Find yourself after separation
The roofing company, which used to be the regional branch of AST Ukraine and was called AST Mariupol, has undergone major changes. They became independent and one of the first was the task to create and develop their own brand and tell people about it.
Don't get into the ranks of the "roofinghouse"
After the briefing, analysis of competitors and audience, determining competitive advantages and the formation of positioning, we finally started naming. In addition to the standard set of requirements for naming, a new one appeared: to avoid a list of stop words, for example, "roofing" and "home", which filled the market of roofing companies.
After forming the shortlist of names together with the client, we managed to conduct a small survey on the audience with a vote. The result coincided with our preliminary joint selection, with a slight change in the spelling for maximum simplification - Haidel.
Logo, identity
After naming, we developed a logo, a basic identity, and concepts for an advertising campaign in the city to increase the awareness of a new brand.
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