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America in the center of Kharkov
Buy clothes of famous American brands in Kharkov with a lot of choice and nice prices is not an easy task. Previously, you had to wait for three weeks for a package with Asos or look in the outlets.
Now there is Dakota - a shop of famous American brands in the center of Kharkov. And we are glad that we could help in its creation.
Avoid triviality
and show yourself
Creating an image of a brand that is so closely related to America is not easy. It is necessary not to drown in stereotypes, but show individuality and still hint we are about America.
In the logo, in addition to expressive writing, a separate sign was needed for branded packages, price tags, other identities and digital. Wrote down, began to create and design.
So the name and logo appeared - Dakota.
Dakota - Historical America
Dakota-shop is about a huge assortment, brands with history and large atmospheric store space.
Dakota-toponym - historical America with its vast territories. His main association is the grandiose Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills with the presidents of the United States carved in stone. All this spirit and vastness is already inside the word. It only remained to find him.

And then the matter of technology: the associative and very expressive font part, the classic American star and color, which shows American symbolism in a new way, distinguishes it from its competitors and gives a creative spirit to the whole image.
Logo in action.
Digital and printing
The world is digitalizing and changing rapidly, so the logo should be flexible and work equally well on the business card, Facebook page, as a favicon of the site and all potential media. Dakota logo fits all criteria. The font and the sign work fine separately and together.
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