turnkey online store
"I will buy a training apparatus and finally start doing exercises"
After research, making of the brand platform, naming and logo design, we started to develop an online store. The first step was to design the architecture and making the TOR. The second step were design, layout and "landing" on 1C-Bitrix with the integration of CRM Bitrix 24.
More than 40 layouts in two weeks
The project had a tight deadline. After the approval of the TOR, we had two weeks to develop design layouts. More than 40 design layouts for the full, mobile and tablet version of the site and the UI-kit with describing the site's design system were developed in a short time.
Buddy - the main character
All pages of the site are permeated with the new face and the hero of the store - Buddy dog. He talks about discounts, accepts applications on the site and on the B2B landing page inside the site tells the essence of the offer and the advantages of the company.
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