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"I will buy a training apparatus and finally start doing exercises"
Clients with whom we have already worked have come to us with a new task - to launch an online store of sports apparatus from scratch, and we have started: brief, market review, making audience core porters and crystallizing them to the main thing - insight. It turned out that all segments of the audience: "a terribly busy businessman", "a mother with excess weight" and "plankton" - sincerely believe that the home sport trainer will save you from a catastrophic lack of time for yourself and they will start to exercise.
After research was naming
Bodybuddy - a game of words and meanings, the main of which is a friend to your body. In addition, the name sounds great, rhymes, unique and perfectly remembered from the first time.
Buddy - a friend that was the lack
In the logo decided to portray a sporty and satisfied dog Buddy. He personalized the store and its emotion. This is a friend who was the lack, to begin to exercise. Everybody liked Buddy so much that he scaled into a real talisman. It is on the site, in the social. networks, on identity and merch.
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